What are the benefits of Renting from A to Z?

1. Cost Control
At A to Z, the rate we quote is the rate you pay. Unlike most rental companies, we don’t "nickel and dime" you with hidden fees or unexpected charges such as a "damage waiver." You know exactly how much a rental is costing you.

2. Maintenance
You don’t have to repair rented equipment - we do!

3. Breakdowns
When rented equipment breaks down, we replace or repair it promptly.

4. Warehousing
You don’t need to store rented equipment - we do!

5. Mobility & Availability
Contractors can bid with confidence knowing that the exact equipment needed will be available when and where it is required.

6. Inventory Control
We keep the records and bill you for the equipment you use.

7. Disposal Costs
Selling owned equipment takes time and money. Rental equipment is simply returned to us when you’re finished using it.

8. Obsolescence
Is eliminated. You don’t get stuck with out-of-date equipment.

9. The Right Equipment at the right time
We have many models, so you can pick the best one for your job.

10. Taxes and Licenses
You don’t have to pay and maintain them - we do!

11. Conservation of business capital and increased borrowing capacity

Most Frequently Asked Questions

If I don’t know what equipment I need, will someone help me?

Yes! Tell us about your project and one of our rental professionals will recommend the best equipment for the job, and often provide you with a few helpful hints to make your job easier.

What do I need to rent equipment from A to Z?

You will need a valid Arizona driver’s license and a major credit card to rent equipment from A to Z. Debit cards are accepted, but not recommended.

Can I reserve equipment in advance?

We invite you to reserve equipment in advance to insure availability. Reserve your equipment as early as possible. Please cancel your reservation if your plans change. Reservations are gladly taken over the phone. See Party Rental Policies for specifics on party and events reservation.

Will someone show me how to use the equipment I rent?

Our rental service techs will show you the safe and correct operation of the equipment that you rent. It will be started for you before it is loaded into your vehicle, or when it is delivered, and any questions you have will be answered.

Can I buy a piece of equipment that I have rented?

All of our rental equipment is for sale at any time. Our used equipment is a great buy because we maintain it so that it is always ready to rent. When a piece of equipment can stand up to tough rental use, then you can be sure it is durable and easy-to-maintain. If you want to buy the actual piece of equipment that you have rented, we will apply a portion of the rental charges toward the purchase price.