Delivery and Pick-Up:

Delivery and pick-up service is available at an additional charge. Charges are based on the distance from our stores to the delivery site. We will give you an exact quote for delivery and pickup charges when you place your order. See below for additional policies regarding Party and Event rentals.

Before delivery of your rental equipment, our dispatcher or driver will call to confirm that there will be someone at the delivery location to accept delivery and verify that all items you ordered are being delivered. Similarly, our dispatcher or driver will call to verify that you are ready to have your equipment picked up. If we are unable to reach you at the phone number(s) you have given, we will not deliver or pick-up your equipment until we are able to get in contact with you. Please be aware that delays in delivery or pick-up due to inability to reach you could result in additional charges.

Please be available by phone during scheduled windows of delivery and pick-up.

Delivery and Pick-Up Scheduling During Business Hours:

At our standard delivery charges, all delivery/pickup times are scheduled in 1/2 day windows. The morning window is from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. The afternoon window is from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m.

If you have requested and received approval for a specific time within a 2-hour window, you will be charged the standard delivery rate plus $50.00.

If you have requested and received approval for a specific time within a 1-hour window, you will be charged the standard delivery rate plus $75.00.

Delivery Locations: All deliveries are "Tail Gate", meaning our truck will pull up to the requested address or location and unload rental equipment near the truck. It is the customer’s responsibility to get the rental items where they need to go. i.e. inside a home or building, in the back yard, up any stairs, etc.

All delivery requests other than "tailgate" will be charged by time. Please let us know if you will need this service so that we can arrange for staffing and additional time. Charges will be calculated at $75.00 per person, per hour. If any equipment damage should occur during transport from tailgate to another location, the customer accepts all responsibility. A to Z equipment staff will use reasonable care, but cannot be held responsible for damage to property during such transport.

Preparation of Equipment for Pick-up:

All rental equipment must be cleaned and staged where it was dropped off.

The equipment must be ready for pick-up during the scheduled time window. If the equipment is not ready for pick-up during the scheduled window, an additional trip will be required. The charge will be a one-way standard delivery rate for each unsuccessful attempt at pick-up. You are responsible for the security and care of the equipment until it has been picked up.

Delivery and Pick-Up Scheduling Outside of Normal Business Hours:

Deliveries and pick-ups before or after business hours or on Sunday are available on a limited basis and only when scheduled a minimum of one week in advance. You will be charged the standard delivery rate plus $150.00. All other policies listed above apply to these deliveries and pick-ups.

Same-Day Delivery and Pick-Up:

Same-day delivery and pick-up are available if our delivery schedule for that day allows. You must inform us of this need at the time the delivery is scheduled. If our schedule does not allow for same-day pick-up, we will pick-up the following day at no extra charge.